Our instructors

What our instructors bring along:

We’ve both been along this path to certification with thousands of students and we will accompany you to success in the exam. Based on 100% of students who reported they took the exam within the last year; we have an impressive record of a pass rate of 97%. We provide individual advice and guidance based on your situation and experience level.

Anders Pedersen

Steven Sloan

What our instructors promise:

We guarantee a fun and interactive training session, where ideas and experience are shared in a group environment.

We promise to adapt our training program to your needs and to make sure you are fully involved.

We will also give you hints and tips on how to plan and structure your application and preparation for the exam.

What our instructors advise to you:

Our advice to you is to take our advice!! Regularly throughout the course we will highlight topics and areas which we consider to be most important for the exam.

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